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Get Over Someone Knot Spell

If you’ve ended a relationship that you don’t want to resume but you’re having trouble getting over your former love, this spell can help you put your feelings for that person behind you. It uses ginger essential oil which is effective to promote the desire and commitment you need to let go of the relationship as well as encouraging the healing and self-defense of your emotions. The black thread will help you banish your feelings for him/her.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • a photo of your former love (printed from the internet is fine)
  • ginger essential oil
  • black thread or twine

  The Spell:

  1. Put two drops of the ginger essential oil on the photo and then hold it in both hands.
  2. Think intensely about the person in question, bringing all the feelings you have for him/her to the surface.
  3. Project those feelings into the photo, picturing them being absorbed by the ginger oil-infused photo.
  4. Continue this until you sense your that your feelings are fading, taking as much time as you need to accomplish this.
  5. Once you’re done, roll up the photo and tie the thread around it three times while saying:

    My heart is free.
    My feelings, gone.
    I’ve let you go,
    For I am strong.

  6. Tie three knots in the thread to secure the photo well.
  7. Bury the tied photo in your garden or in a potted plant.

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