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Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones are aggregate solids that have been formed from one or more minerals and/or mineraloids over millions and billions of years. Petrified or fossilized organic matter such as trees and tree resins are considered stones. Also, pearls and mother-of-pearl which are formed by some species of mollusks such as oysters, are considered stones for metaphysical purposes.

Regardless of their formation, they are all physical manifestations of the Earth’s numerous energies. These energies can be accessed and directed to achieve desirable outcomes in spellwork.

In addition, crystals and stones are powerful receptacles for energy and will collect, hold, amplify and direct external energies such as those from deities, the elements and the moon, as well as that from a witch her/himself.


Rarity determines the monetary worth of crystals and stones and as such, some are less expensive and more readily available in retail stores than others. However, cost and availability do not reflect the metaphysical value of stones and crystals as this is established only by each one’s inherent magickal properties. As such, while precious gemstones such as diamonds or emeralds may cost more money, semi-precious stones such as amethysts or peridots have comparable metaphysical value. In spellwork, it is your intention and desired magickal outcome that will determine a stone or crystal’s value to you.

Commercially, stones and crystals are usually available in different forms:

  • Raw or Rough CitrineRAW: These crystals and stones haven’t been processed and are more or less as they came out of the ground. They are also called natural or rough stones. Raw crystals and stones may be more fragile than those that have been cut or polished. As such, when stored, they should be kept separate from others to prevent breaking. Sturdier raw crystals and stones may be worn as pendants or used as pendulums.
  • Polished or Tumbled CitrinePOLISHED: These crystals and stones have been polished by hand or tumbled with sand in machinery to smooth them. As such, they are also called tumbled stones. Polished crystals and stones are very smooth and as such, they can be comfortably carried in a pocket or a small pouch or tucked in a bra. They are also often worn in pendants and used as pendulums.
  • Cut CitrineCUT: These crystals and stones have been cut by hand or machine to have multiple facets. The finished size and shape of a stone are largely determined by the rough stone’s original size and shape. Cut crystals are typically used in jewelry of all kinds, including bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants.

Most witches use crystals and stones in all forms as their inherent magickal energies are the same whether they are raw, polished, or cut. So, the form of the stones you use will be a matter of availability, cost, and personal preference.

When selecting stones, it’s always best to choose the ones that “feel” right to you. Simply hold a single stone in your hand and close your eyes. Your gut will tell you if it’s the right stone for you or not. This also applies to online shopping which, though not ideal, is a reality given COVID-19.

Amber and Silver RingAlthough loose stones are typically used as tools in magick, if a spell requires you to keep a stone with you at all times, wearing it in a piece of jewelry can be more comfortable than carrying it in your pocket, especially long-term.

Learn more about Jewelry as a magickal tool.


Cleansing Stones with Selenite.Crystals and stones need both metaphysical cleansing and physical cleaning.

Cleansing a stone is not the same thing as charging it. Cleansing removes non-inherent energies from a stone, whereas charging adds non-inherent to the stone during spellwork.

Stones and crystals should be cleansed of non-inherent energies after a spell has been completed. If it’s a long-acting spell such as a charm or a talisman, the stone should be cleansed and the spell re-cast as the spell specifies or when you feel a decrease in energy. Once stones are properly cleansed, they return to their inherent energy state.

Also, crystals and stones should be physically cleaned if they are dirty or start to feel sticky or tacky from skin oils due to handling.

Learn more how to Cleanse and Clean Crystals & Stones.


The below crystals and stones are by no means an exhaustive list of those used in magick. Rather, these are some that are typically available for purchase in Canada.

AGATE: Acceptance; appreciation; balance; calming; communication; comfort; confidence; courage; depression; emotional soothing; general healing; generosity of spirit; grief; grounding; honesty; optimism; pure love; protection; shyness; soothing; truthfulness.

ALEXANDRITE: Astral projection & travel; compliance; creative abilities; eloquence; emotional balance; gracefulness; happiness; harmony; imagination; intuition; intensify love; lucid dreaming; peacefulness; psychic balance; regeneration; renewal; spiritual rebirth & transformation. [very rare]

AMAZONITE: Clairvoyance; divination; eloquent communication; emotional balance, healing, growth, & stability; grounding; honesty; inspiration; intuition; psychic clarity & visions; self-esteem; sincerity; spirit communications; trust; truthfulness.

AMBER: Balance; calming; clarity; confidence; courage; Goddess energy & power; harmony; knowledge; longevity; meditation; memory improvement; past-life recollection; patience; prosperity; psychic protection; purification; victory; wisdom.

AMETHYST: Anger release; calming; concentration; depression relief; communications with deities; emotional balance & soothing; happiness; harmony; healing; intuition; meditation; mental awareness & clarity; peace of mind; pleasant dreams; positivity; pure love; repel negative energy; relaxation; spiritual awareness, beginnings & focus; stress relief.

AMETRINE: Magickal properties of Amethyst and Citrine plus: Astral projection & travel; aura balance; concentration; focus; intellectual clarity & stimulation; self-confidence. [combination of Amethyst & Citrine]

APACHE TEAR: Death & afterlife; decision-making; forgiveness; grief; grounding; karmic balance; land disputes; peace; reconciliation; sorrow; wisdom.

APATITE: Acceptance; concentration; focus; intellect; intelligence; logic; mental clarity; dispel negativity; self-improvement; shyness; strengthen intentions.

AQUAMARINE: Affection increase; authority; calming; cleansing; closure; compassion; clear confusion; courage; inspiration; meditation; peace of mind; phobia relief; relaxation; serenity; increase tolerance; tranquility; travel over water; wisdom.

ATLANTISITE: Calming; compassion; emotional soothing; humour; knowledge; dispel negative energies; peace of mind; peacefulness;  protection; respect; stress relief; wisdom.

AVENTURINEAbundance; adventure; anger reduction; anxiety; balance; banishing; calming; career success; harmony; heartbreak; justice; prosperity; self-reliance; travel safety.

AZURITE: Challenges; cleansing; emotional empowerment; confronting fears; intuition; kindness; mental growth; honesty; insight; life changes; mindfulness; overcoming obstacles; patience; perspective; transformation; truthfulness.

BERYL: Acceptance; awareness; confidence; courage; decision-making; divine guidance; humility; mental balance.

BLOODSTONE:  Adaptability; aggression & anger release; banishing malevolent spirits & harmful energies; concentration; confidence; courage; decision-making; emotional healing & strength; fears; focus; mental balance; obstacles; spiritual alignment & balance.

CARNELIAN:  Acceptance; cheerfulness; courage; emotional stability, warmth, & well-being; family communications; grounding; happiness; harmony; individuality; inspiration; kindness; meditation; memory recall; past-life recollection; releasing fears; self-esteem; shyness; sociability; spiritual rebirth.

CELESTITE: Astral communication, projection, & travel; calmness; communication improvement; compassion; emotional clarity, stability, & understanding; empathy; enlightenment; mind balance; motivation; purity of heart; self-awareness; spiritual development.

CITRINE: Abundance; achievement; awareness; balance; banish & repel negative energy; change; creativity; generosity; mental growth & stimulation; money; nightmare prevention; pleasure; prosperity; psychic protection; self-confidence; self-discipline; success; warmth; willpower.

DESERT ROSE: Clarity; commitment; confidence; enlightenment; focus; grounding; intuition; optimism; spirituality; wisdom. [also known as Gypsum Rose]

DIAMOND: Challenges; clarity; courage; encouragement; endurance; faith; fidelity; honesty; hope; justice; longevity; protection; purity; self-confidence; strength in general; trustworthiness; truthfulness; wisdom. Also amplifies the magickal properties of all other crystals and stones.

DIOPTASE: Compassion; emotional balance & comfort; dignity;  emotional expression; forgiveness; karmic balance & healing; letting go of past; meditation; relationship healing; self-respect; stress relief.

DRAGONSTONE: Affirmation magick; awareness; concentration; courage; creativity; emotional balance, healing & strength; endurance; focus; forgiveness; home finding; justice; move (to new home); new beginnings; perception; perseverance; protection; resilience; self-esteem; self-love; self-improvement; wisdom. [also known as Dragon’s Blood Jasper, though it isn’t actually Jasper]

EMERALD Clairvoyance; cleansing; enchantment; faith; faithfulness; happiness; hex protection; honesty; insight; intelligence; intuition; joy; knowledge; love; loyalty; past memory recollection; omens; prophecy; psychic ability; psychic healing & protection; repel negative thoughts; romance; serenity; sixth sense development; truthful communication.

FLUORITE: Astral projection & travel; aura cleansing; balance; clarity; divination; dream recollection; grounding; healing; intuition; lucid dreaming; psychic protection; purification.

GARNET:  Balance; calming; determination; desire; dream recollection; emotional & physical intimacy; endurance; mental & physical energy; nightmare prevention; passion; past-life recollection; romantic love; sensuality; social standing & success; virility.

HEMATITE: Adaptability; agriculture; anxiety; balance; boundary setting; calming; concentration; connecting with Earth & nature; emotional & psychic balance and healing; gardening; grounding; optimism; protection; relaxation; reliability; trust issues.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Clairvoyance; creativity; dream recollection; emotional balance & well-being; imagination; individuality; lucid dreaming; mental clarity; originality; psychic projection; self-awareness; stability. [also known as Herkimer Quartz]

JADE: Abundance; agriculture; calming; childbirth; emotional balance; fertility; friendship; gardening; good luck; harmony; healing; kindness; longevity; lucid dreaming; mental clarity & stability; negative thought release; new beginnings; peace of mind; peacefulness; practicality; pregnancy; prosperity; protection; psychic dreams; psychic protection; self-acceptance; self-sufficiency; spirit attraction & communication; wealth; wisdom.

JASPER:  Comfort; compassion; contentment; enhances organizing; healing; nightmare prevention; negative mood; peace of mind; relaxation; soothing; transitions.

JASPER [BROWN]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: agriculture; balance; emotional clarity & growth; gardening; grounding; hex protection.

JASPER [DESERT]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: balance; challenges; change; creativity; determination; doubt; enthusiasm; fear; grounding; honesty; imagination; joy; positivity; stability; stress; transformation; trust; truthfulness. [also known as Polychrome Jasper]

JASPER [GREEN]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: abundance; clairvoyance; empathic abilities; good luck; intelligence; mental growth; money; prosperity; psychic balance & protection; wealth.

JASPER [OCEAN]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: amiable endings; clarity; cooperation; emotional balance, healing & protection; heartbreak healing; letting go; release personal negativity.

JASPER [PINK]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: attraction, increase, maintain, and protect love.

JASPER [RED]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: banishing; binding; change; concentration; dream recollection; encouragement; focus; general protection; ideas; mental acuity, clarity, energy, organization & stamina; reversing magick.

JASPER [YELLOW]: Magickal properties of Jasper plus: positive energy attraction; willpower.

JET: Afterlife transition; binding; death transition; fear; grief; increase magickal powers; intuition; justice; protection; relaxation; spirit communication; sorrow; spirituality; transformations.

KUNZITE: A attract friends; aura cleansing; beginnings; calming; compassion; dispel loneliness; emotional balance & soothing; friendliness; gentleness; maturity; moderation; patience; peacefulness; reconciliation; self-discipline; self-esteem.

LAPIS LAZULI: Balance body, mind, & spirit; clairvoyance; calming; emotional release; harmony; honesty; intuition; karmic balance & healing; meditation; negativity release; openness; psychic ability, strength, & visions; self-awareness; self-confidence; self-esteem; spirituality; tranquility; truth; truthfulness.

LAVA STONE [BLACK]: Balance; centering; cleansing; clearing; courage; dispelling; emotional protection & strength; grounding; peace of mind; rebirth; self-confidence; self-esteem; stability. [also known as lava rock, basalt]

MALACHITE: Afterlife transition; attract attention; clairvoyance; death transition; dispels negative energy; divination; emotional balance & purification; empathic abilities; general healing;  leadership; loyalty; peacefulness; protection; psychic abilities; spirit communications; transformation; wisdom. Also, amplifies energies of magickal tools & ingredients.

MOLDAVITE: Beginnings; blessings; channelling healing energies; consecrations; introspection; magickal & psychic communication; meditation; purification; transformation.

MOONSTONE [WHITE]: Accomplishment; affection; awareness; calming; change; divination; full moon magick; happiness; hope; humanitarian love; intuition; lucid dreaming; magickal strength; new beginnings; prophecy; protection; relaxation; sensitivity; soothing; spirit communications; wisdom.

MOONSTONE [GREY]: Afterlife transition; balance; calming; divination; emotional balance & stability; fears; growth; hope; new moon magick; intuition; lucid dreaming; magickal strength; mood; new beginnings; prophecy; psychic awareness & protection; relaxation; self-awareness; self-confidence; sensitivity; soothing; spirit communications; wisdom.

MOONSTONE [PINK]: Affection; calming; childbirth; divine connection & love; emotions; fertility; happiness; hope; happiness; hope; maternal love; moon magick; mothering; new beginnings; new love attraction; nurturing; pregnancy

MORGANITE: Angel magick; anxiety; calming; compassion; emotional healing & health; faithfulness; fidelity; friendship; gentleness; Goddess & God communication, guidance, love & magick; grief; happiness; heartbreak; infidelity; loyalty; meditation; patience; peace; peace of mind; peacefulness; self-confidence; self-esteem; sorrow; spiritual growth & renewal; stress; true love.

MOTHER-OF-PEARL: Clairvoyance; divination; intuition; moon magick; psychic protection. [also known as nacre]

OBSIDIAN: Balance; binding; catharsis; death; deception; emotional protection; grounding; inner growth; mental clarity; obstacles; past-life healing; realistic expectations & thinking; stress relief; tension release.

ONYX: Anxiety; authority; binding; blessings; clairvoyance; consecration; courage; divination; focus; memory improvement; mental balance & grounding; nightmares; past-life recollection; psychic protection; self-confidence; self-control; self-defence; stamina; strength; vigour.

OPAL: Adaptability; clairvoyance; early life memories; emotional balance & expression; enchantment; fidelity; hope; insight; memories; passion; past-life recollection; peacefulness; psychic abilities; romantic love; spontaneity.

PEARL: Blessings; clarity; consecration; dignity; emotional balance; fertility; fidelity; focus; gentleness; honesty; inner beauty; integrity; love; loyalty; lucid dreaming; moon magick; peacefulness; protection; purification; purity; sincerity; transformation; truthfulness; trustworthiness; wisdom. Note: the pearl is not truly a stone nor a crystal but is included here as it is often sold along with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

PERIDOT: Balance; calming; change; comfort; growth; healing; intuition; new beginnings; peace of mind; protection of self; rebirth; rejuvenation; relaxation; renewal; soothing; stress reduction. [also known as Olivine]

PETRIFIED WOOD: Astral, emotional, & spiritual balance; grounding; harmony; emotional & spiritual healing; longevity; self-protection.

PURPURITE: Calming; clarity of speech; clear & concise thought communication; compromising; courage; emotional stability; equilibrium; focus; freedom; honesty; insight; personal growth; releasing; self-confidence; self-expression; soothing; truthfulness;

PYRITE: Concentration; creativity; deception detection; focus; goals; intelligence; logical & analytical thought; memory improvement & recall; mental abilities & strength; practicality; vitality; willpower. [also known as Fool’s Gold]

QUARTZ [CLEAR, COLOURLESS]: Activation; beginnings; cleansing; emotional & mental awakening and balance; focus; meditation; mental clarity; banish & repel negative energies; past-life recollection; psychic clarity; romantic love attraction; self-awareness; vitality. Also used to cleanse other crystals and stones.

QUARTZ [DOUBLE-TERMINATED]: Astral travel & projection; aura cleansing; binding; clairvoyance; creativity; divination; dream recollection; emotional growth; harmony; healing; grounding; intelligence; knowledge; lucid dreaming; meditation; mental clarity & stability; positive energy attraction; psychic balance, communication, & protection; spirit communication; spirituality; wisdom. Also amplifies the magickal properties of all other crystals and stones.

QUARTZ [ROSE]: Attract or increase all love – platonic, friendly, humanitarian, motherly, romantic, passionate, & self; calming; childbirth healing; dignity; forgiveness; harmony; heartbreak; hope; integrity; loneliness; love divination; marriage; stress relief; tolerance.

QUARTZ [SMOKY]: Negative energy neutralizing; stress relief.

RHODOCHROSITE: Compassion; friendship; harmony; humility; kindness; tolerance.

RHODONITE: Calming; compassion; courtesy; emotional balance; forgiveness; self-confidence; self-esteem; soothing; tactfulness.

RUBY: Balance; fertility; impotence; nightmare prevention; passion; romantic & passionate love; psychic attack protection; psychic dreams; virility.

SAPPHIRE: Balance; focus; inner peace; inspiration; intuition; meditation; memory; mental & thought clarity; optimism; relaxation; wisdom.

SCOLECITE: Astral projection & travel; aura cleansing; balance; calming; harmony; meditation; peace; peaceful sleep; self-awareness; serenity; soothing; spirit communications & connections; stress; tranquility.

SCOLECITE [PEACH]: Magickal properties of Scolecite and Stilbite plus: communication; creativity; emotional healing; happiness; joy; mental clarity. [Scolecite with Peach Stilbite]

SELENITE: Awareness; balancing; block external influences; calming; cleansing; clear confusion; decision-making; deep meditation; focus; harmony; insight; judgement; mental clarity & flexibility; psychic healing & protection; stagnant energy removal; studying. Also used to cleanse other crystals and stones. [also known as Gypsum]

SOAPSTONE: Astral communications; balance; calming; change; clarity; creativity; focus; imagination; inspiration; negativity release; psychic communications; self-awareness; soothing; spirit communications; stability; transformation; truth; truthfulness.

SODALITE: Adaptability; calming; communications; emotional balance; divination; fear; honesty; intuition; knowledge; meditation; mental clarity; psychic ability; self-acceptance; self-awareness; self-confidence; self-esteem; truth; truthfulness; wisdom.

STILBITE: Balance; dream recollection; grounding; happiness; intuition; joy; meditation; negativity; past-life recollection; pure love; tranquility.

SUNSTONE: Balance; depression; determination; emotional healing, strength & well-being; enthusiasm; fear; good luck; happiness; intuition; joy; negativity; opportunity attraction; personal growth; positive energy attraction; procrastination; sun magick; optimism; stress; vitality.

TIGER’S EYE: Clairvoyance; courage; creativity; curse protection; deception prevention; emotional strength; grounding; integrity; mental clarity; psychic abilities; willpower.

TIGER’S EYE [BLUE]: Magickal properties of Tiger’s Eye plus: Anxiety; balance; calming; harmony; happiness; insight; introspection; intuition; mental clarity; motivation; soothing; stress; wisdom.

TOPAZ: Concentration; depression & low mood relief; emotional balance & healing; focus; happiness; honesty; studying; truthfulness; understanding.

TOURMALINE [BLACK]: Concentration; home protection; grounding; protection from dark magick; psychic shielding.

TURQUOISE: Emotional healing; negative energy neutralizing; peace of mind; peacefulness; protection.

  NOTE: Crystals and stones are made up of various substances. For more information regarding the mineral composition and physical properties of individual crystals or stones, please visit your local library or refer to scientific sites such as the International Gem Society or

Photos: Tessa Mannonen · Pixabay · license / Paweł Maliszczak · Wikimedia · CC BY-SA 4.0 / Mauro Cateb · Wikimedia · CC BY-SA 3.0 / Mauro Cateb · Wikimedia · CC BY-SA 3.0 / starbright · Pixabay · license / Gabby Conde · Pixabay · license

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