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Crossroads Lost Pet Spell

When a pet is lost, it can be gut-wrenching until he/she is returned to you. This Crossroads Lost Pet Spell can help your pet return to you. If your pet has been injured or killed, this spell can also help you locate her/him. Never knowing what has happened to a lost pet is heartbreaking.

This spell is worked at a crossroads, which is an intersection of at least two roads. Crossroads are very magickal because energies both converge and diverge there. This allows you to use these magickal energies to work a spell and then quickly send your magickal intentions back out into the universe.

  Spell Tips:

  • Only work this spell after you’ve contacted local animals shelters, veterinarians, the bylaw officer, and/or lost pet online groups. This spell will increase the chances of your pet returning home on its own. It will also increase the likelihood that someone will find your pet or at least see it somewhere, and then stop to help your pet or take him in.  However, if no one knows you’re looking for your pet, magick alone won’t help them contact you once they’ve found her.
  • If there are no crossroads within a few minutes of your home, the closest T-intersection will work in a pinch.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • none

  The Spell:

  1. Go to the crossroads, face west and say:

    Guardians of the West, hear my plea.
    Bring [pet’s name] back to me.

  2. Call out to your pet three times, in the way that you would normally; for example, “Come, Fido, come.”
  3. Turn clockwise and repeat steps 1 and 2, facing north first, then east, and lastly south, substituting each direction in the chant.
  4. Take three backward steps from the crossroads in the direction of your home and say:

    As I will, so be it.

  5. Turn around and go home.

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