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Coloured Candles

Nature, in all her glory, has provided us with an abundance of colours in every shade imaginable. Each of these colours has its own unique magickal properties and spiritual meanings. It’s good to remember that there are no intrinsically “bad” colours. Like magick itself, colours simply are and it’s how they are used that can be positive or negative.

A candle is typically used to represent a colour during spellwork as it will not only have the colour’s magickal properties but it will also transfer and release your magickal intentions into the universe. Learn more about Candles.

Natural Beeswax Candle, BurningHowever, if you don’t have a candle in a colour you need for your spellwork, a natural (untinted) beeswax candle or a white candle can replace all other candle colours due to its complete balance, allowing you to easily incorporate the colour in a different way. Learn more about Beeswax.

Another way to add a colour to your spellwork is with an altar cloth. Or you could place a crystal or flowers whose magickal properties and colour both correspond with your intentions on your altar. You could also choose to wear a piece of clothing or an accessory in the required colour. In a pinch, you can write out your spell using paper, a pen, or a pencil in the colour you need.

Although green witches tend to be more literal in their representations of the elements on their altars, some colours may be used symbolize them as well, as indicated between brackets below. Candles in the elemental colours may be used for this purpose. Learn more about the Elements.



  BLACK: Banishing; binding; cleansing; cloaking emotions; comforting; concentration; dissolving; exhaustion; fertility; focus; freedom; grief; healing serious or chronic illness; meditation; protection; regeneration; releasing; removing, repelling, & returning negative energy or spirits; reversal magick; safety; solitude; sleep. May also represents God.

  BLUE (LIGHT/ PALE): Calming; clarity; compassion; emotional healing & protection; gentleness; happiness; harmony; joy; lessen stress; lightheartedness; patience; peace of mind; peaceful energy; perception; psychic healing & protection; relaxation; serenity; soothing; spiritual healing & protection; spirituality; tranquility; understanding. [element: water]

  BLUE (MEDIUM): Ambition; breaking habits; business; changeability; commitment; energizing; focus; group success; harmonious communications; honesty; impulsiveness; influence; intellect; loyalty; mental protection; passing exams; positive mindset; safe travels; truth; truthfulness; wisdom. [element: water]

  BROWN: Addiction; agriculture; anger; animals; balance; centering; concentration; connecting with animals & other nature; education; endurance; family; finding lost items; focus; gardening; grounding; harmony; home; indecision; intuition; justice; learning; legal issues; loss; lost items; meditation; mental lethargy; nurturing; pets; psychic imbalance; reality; stability; studying; telepathy; uncertainty; unity. [element: earth]

  BURGUNDY: Authority; change; confidence; courage; leadership; sexuality; unconditional love; wholeness; willpower; used in spellcrafting, can bring about faster results but only if absolutely needed.

  GOLD: Abundance; attraction; dependability; emotional endurance; financial stability; financial success; hope; knowledge; luck; male energy; money; positive energy attraction; power; prosperity; wealth. May also represent God.

  GREEN: Abundance; companionship; conception; employment; familial harmony; fertility; financial stability; fresh start; good luck; growth; money; new beginnings; physical healing; psychological growth; prosperity; vitality; youthfulness. [element: earth]

  GREEN (OLIVE): Emotional caring & healing; enlightenment; forgiveness; jealousy; joy; mental clarity; release of past; sleep; tenacity.

  GREY: Binding; confusion; dispelling negative energies; emotional balance; good decision-making; moderation; neutrality; rational thought; reduce discord; serenity. Also neutralizes negative energies. [element: water]

  INDIGO: Blessings; clairvoyance; habit breaking; endings; harmony; divination; intuition; meditation; peacefulness; protection; psychic abilities; self-awareness; stopping negative actions; subconscious; wisdom.

  LAVENDER: Attractiveness; calming; good dreams; harmony; nurturing; patience; physical beauty; protection; restful sleep; serenity; soothing; spiritual love; spirituality.

  MAGENTA: Action; balance; compassion; magickal energizing, power increase & speed; practicality; self-awareness; spirituality; spontaneity.

  NATURAL BEESWAX: May be used to replace any candle colour if the need arises.

  ORANGE: Action; adaptability; ambition; attraction; business; career; celebration; change; creativity; enthusiasm; harvesting; independence; job; justice; legal issues; logic & reasoning; mental energy; organization; opportunity; sales; stimulation; success; transformation. Also increases results of any spell. [element: fire]

  PEACH (PALE ORANGE): Affection; charm; comfort; fidelity; happiness; harmony; honesty; joy; longevity; peace; truthfulness.

  PINK: Affection; caring; children; comfort; depression; familial love; honour; loyalty; new love; nurturing; peace of mind; reconciliations; reduce fear; romance; romantic love; self-acceptance; self-esteem; self-love; stress reduction; youthfulness.

  PURPLE: Ambition; banishing negativity; business; divination; eliminate bad luck; esteem; influence; inner beauty; karma balance; power; prophecy; psychic clarity & energy; release tension; respect; sexual pleasure; spiritual awareness; strength; success; transformation; wisdom. Also, communications with the divine/deities.

  RED (BRIGHT): Action; ambition; attention; career; courage; defiance; drive; good luck; independence; power; strength; survival; transition protection; vitality; willpower. [element: fire]

  RED (BLOOD):  Attention; bonding; deep love; desire; lust; passion; passionate love; sexual energy; sexual endurance; sexual love; sexuality; survival; transition protection. [element: fire]

  SILVER: Clairvoyance; dispelling negative energies; female energy; imagination; intuition; magick cancellation;  meditation; moon energy; past life memories; psychic abilities; stability. May also represent Goddess.

  VIOLET: Comfort; concentration; focus; happiness; healing romantic relationships; heartbreak; peace of mind; soothing.

  WHITE: Acceptance; balance; birth; clairvoyance; cleansing; creativity; encouragement; fidelity; happiness; healing; heartbreak; honesty; innocence; enlightenment; inspiration; longevity; moon magick; parental or platonic love; peace; peacefulness; protection; purification; purity; simplicity;  sincerity; spirituality; truth; wholeness. May also represent Goddess & God. May be used to replace any candle colour if the need arises. [element: air]

  YELLOW: Anxiety; attraction; communication; concentration; conception; confidence; creativity; depression; divination; fertility; friendship; happiness; inspiration; intellect; intelligence; jealousy; memory; a move; optimism; persuasion; physical energy; platonic love; positivity; psychic abilities; relocation; self-esteem; trust; visions; wisdom. [element: air]

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