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Jasper Protection Amulet Spell

Red Jasper Elephant CarvingUnfortunately, there are times when you need protection, whether from a psychic attack, a hex or curse, or even just general negative energies. This Jasper Protection Amulet Spell can offer you various types of protection, including that of your home.

Jasper has many magickal properties but protection is one of its strongest energies. Simply select the colour of jasper that corresponds with your magickal intention:

  • Brown jasper for curse/hex protection
  • Green jasper for psychic protection
  • Ocean jasper for emotional protection
  • Pink jasper for love protection
  • Red jasper for general protection, including home

In addition, this spell also calls for both whole cloves and Witch’s Black Salt, both of which are very effective in all types of protection magick. You will need equal amounts of both and those amounts will depend on the size of your stone.

  Spell Tips:

  • A simple polished piece of jasper can be used to craft an effective amulet. Contrary to popular belief, an amulet does not have to be a pendant, although it may be one. In actuality, an amulet can be crafted from almost anything such as buttons, coins, crystals & stones, jewelry, religious medals, etc.
  • That said, consider using jasper jewelry such as a pendant, earrings, or a bracelet for this spell, especially if you’re going to need it for a prolonged period of time.
  • This spell will be more effective if worked during the full moon.
  • If you need protection longer than one month, repeat the spell during the following full moon.

Jasper Protection Amulet Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  The Spell:

  1. If your stone is physically dirty, clean it following the appropriate instructions found on Cleanse and Clean Crystals & Stones.
  2. Use equal amounts of whole cloves and Witch’s Black Salt and mix them together in a small bowl.
  3. Place the jasper in the bowl and cover it with the cloves and Witch’s Black Salt mixture.
  4. Leave the stone in the bowl for 24 hours if the moon is full. Otherwise, it will need three days to charge fully.
  5. Keep the amulet with you at all times since it can’t protect you if it isn’t with you. In the case of home protecting, place the amulet close to the main entrance door.
  6. If you need protection longer than one month, repeat the spell during the following full moon.

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Photo: Eugenio Cuppone · Pixabay · license

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