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  These spells are intended to help increase your fertility, which in turn will increase the probability that you’ll conceive.

To be most effective, these spells should be performed during the full moon.

Please note that there is always overlap between fertility spells and conception spells, as you can’t have the latter without the former. Learn more about Conception Spells.

  IMPORTANT: If you are infertile for whatever reason, these spells will not work. They can only increase the probability of conception, not correct infertility issues. Also, these spells or any other fertility magick should never be used to take the place of advice from a physician, midwife, or any other healthcare professionals nor to delay the seeking or utilization of such health and medical advice.

Egg Conception Spell

Bird eggs are have long been symbols of fertility as they are a product of reproduction. As such, they are often used in fertility and conception magick. This quick and easy spell can help increase the probability that you'll conceive.…

Jade Fertility Charm Spell

Jade stones are known to be effective in fertility and conception magick. Crafting this easy Jade Fertility Charm Spell can help increase your fertility and as such, the probability that you'll conceive.   Spell Tips: This spell must be performed…

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