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Magickal Tools & Ingredients

When working magick, witches makes use of the energies of and the relationships between any combination of the following to achieve a desired outcome:

 natural cycles
 and more

As such, they will typically use tools and ingredients to work with each of these in various ways. All ingredients and tools have their own inherent magickal properties, each of which will affect the dynamic of the magick being worked. Tools may also be used for other purposes such as to raise and direct energy, summon deities, or represent the elements or seasons. The tools and ingredients that you choose to use will depend on the type of magick worked and the Pagan path you are following, as well as what you’re comfortable using. In addition, you may work magick primarily with only one tool such as candles or you might have several variations of one tool, such as wands, using each one for a specific magickal purpose.

Of course, some spells, such as affirmations and zaps, don’t require the use of any tools or ingredients but rather only intent. Furthermore, as your magick grows stronger, you may not always need or want to use tools during spellwork but this only comes with time, practice, and proficiency.

Regardless of personal tool preferences, green witches will almost always choose nature-based tools, not only for their inherent magickal properties but also for their ecological friendliness. In turn, this respect for our Earth will improve the results of your spellwork.

The individual tools and ingredients mentioned or listed on GreenWitch are by no means the only ones that are used in magick. Rather, they are some of the tools and ingredients that may be grown, harvested in the wild, and/or are typically available for purchase in Canada.

When you are starting out in the craft, you don’t need to invest in a large assortment of tools and ingredients. Instead, a few general-purpose tools are all you need.

  White or natural beeswax candles which can be used as Goddess and God candles or to stand in for any candle colour needed in a spell.

  A pine wand as this wood not only has strong healing properties but also is effective at directing most energies during spellwork.

  A clear quartz crystal as this is a stone of beginnings, focus, mental clarity, and repelling negative energies, all of which will help you when working magick.

  A pen or pencil and a fresh notebook used only for spellwork.

Once you worked a few spells, you’ll have a feel for the kind of tools and ingredients you’ll need and which you’re most comfortable working with.

Your tools will have inherent energies originating from the materials they were crafted from. However, they will also have picked up other energies from being handled by others or being in close proximity to other objects before you acquire them. As such, it is very important to cleanse all non-inherent energies from tools prior to first use.

After using your tools, you will also need to cleanse and possibly charge them before subsequent use. The methods used will depend on the individual item. For example, you may wash fresh herbs with natural spring water but smudge a wand with white sage.


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