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Carrier or base oils are derived from the fatty parts of plants such as fruit, nuts, and seeds. They are used to dilute essential oils and absolutes to prevent skin irritation or other reactions. Typical dilution ratios are 3-5 drops of carrier oil to 1 drop of essential oil. Learn more about Essential Oils.

Carrier oils should be high-quality, organic, and free of additives as those not only have the strongest magickal energies but they’ll retain these energies longer as well. These oils can be more costly but they’re worth the price for the results attained.

Carrier oils have magickal properties of their own. As such, if you need to wear an essential oil for a spell, it is important to match the carrier oil to the intent of your spellwork.

The below carrier oils are by no means an exhaustive list of those used in magick. Rather, these are some that are typically available for purchase in Canada.

Carrier oils typically come in larger bottles than essential oils and often don’t have built-in droppers. If this is the case, consider using a dropper or pipette to measure and transfer your carrier oils. Each oil should have its own separate dropper to prevent unintentional crossing with other oils.

Store your carrier oils in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard away from your kitchen stove. Otherwise, they may go rancid before you can use them in which case they should be discarded.

APRICOT KERNEL: Aphrodisiacs; emotional healing; energy; love; longevity; passion; rejuvenation; relationship reconciliation.

AVOCADO: Beauty; calming; lust; romantic love; passion; physical attraction; relaxation.

BORAGE: Business expansion; clairvoyance; good luck; inspiration; psychic abilities.

CAMELLIA SEED: Admiration; confidence; friendship; glamour magick; Goddess invocation & offering; introversion; kindness; reason; platonic love; self-confidence; self-esteem; shyness.

CASTOR: Banishing and repelling negative energy; protection.

COCONUT: Breaking spells; cleansing; luck; obstacle removal; protection; purification.

EVENING PRIMROSE: Balance; beginning; blessing; child protection; consecration; desirability; healing; peace; protection; purity; self-esteem; spirituality.

GRAPESEED: Clairvoyance; divination; fertility; influence; mental acuity; money; romantic love; passion; prosperity.

HAZELNUT: Clairvoyance; divination; lost objects; romantic love; wisdom.

HEMP SEED: Clairvoyance; healing; love; meditation; physical pain.

JOJOBA: Cleansing; emotional healing; love; protection.

KIWI: Aphrodisiacs; libido; lust; passion; sensuality; sex; sexual attraction; sexual grounding; sexual love; sexuality.

OLIVE: Fertility; healing; longevity; love; money; peace; prosperity; protection; success; wealth; wisdom. Also, dressing Goddess and God candles. [NOTE: Extra-virgin, cold-pressed organic olive oil is the best olive oil to use. If it does not say “extra-virgin” on the label, it may not actually be pure olive oil and may have been mixed with other oils. If in doubt, place your olive oil in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If it remains clear, it is a blend.]

ROSEHIP: Career; good fortune; money; prosperity;  success.

SESAME: Fertility; money; passion; prosperity; romantic love.

SHEA NUT: Calming; longevity; patience; physical healing; soothing.

SUNFLOWER: Fertility; faithfulness; fidelity; good luck; happiness; honesty; joyfulness; loyalty; prosperity; protection; reproductive health; truth; truthfulness; wisdom.

SWEET ALMOND: Addiction; adoption; fertility; good luck; money; platonic love; prosperity; wisdom.

Photo: Marina Pershina · Pixabay · license · adapted

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