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Hair Braid Binding Spell

Locks of Hair on TableThis Hair Braid Binding Spell is intended to bind you and your beloved together forever. A handfasting or wedding ceremony is an appropriate time for you both to exchange braids.

In ancient times, a Celtic man would often braid his hair into a bracelet to give to the woman he loved. This was a strong show of his love and trust for her as being in possession of the man’s hair was believed to give the woman a lot of power over him.

Don’t let the simplicity of the spell fool you, though – it is powerful and enduring magick. However, unless someone willingly and knowingly accepts a braid, the spell won’t be activated, so this isn’t a binding that someone can be deceived into.

  Spell Tips:

  • This spell must be worked as a couple.
  • Once someone accepts this spell from you, it binds you to them indefinitely. The reverse is true if you accept another’s braid.
  • This binding spell can be very difficult to break if the hair braids are lost.
  • This spell is most effective if performed during the dark moon.

  A witch’s magickal essence is contained in her/his hair so giving it to someone in a spell can give that person power over you. As such, this isn’t a spell to be worked without serious consideration.

Hair Braid Binding Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • a lock of your own hair
  • a lock of your romantic partner’s hair
  • black cotton twine or heavy thread

  The Spell:

Each of you: individually but at the same time:

  1. Cut a lock of hair that is a few inches long from an inconspicuous area of your scalp – neither of you want to be left with an obvious bald spot.
  2. Tie your lock of hair together at one end with the string or thread.
  3. Start braiding the hair, slowly, and repeat while braiding:

    Bound to you, bound to me,
    Together we will always be.

  4. Once you’re done braiding your locks of hair, tie the remaining string or thread to the other end, fastening the braid.
  5. Give your braids to one another at the same time and as you exchange them, repeat once:

    Bound to you, bound to me,
    Together we will always be.

  6. Once you accept each other’s hair braid, the spell is activated. However, if only one of you accepts the other’s braid, the spell still binds the giver to the receiver.


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Photo: Volodymyr · Adobe Stock · license

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