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Pet Healing Spell

Dog Lying on DeckYour pet is a cherished family member and sometimes even your familiar. When your pet is hurt or sick, you may feel helpless to do anything. This simple Pet Healing Spell can help your pet feel better, faster. It calls for a brown candle to represent your pet and extra-virgin olive oil for healing, longevity and protection.

  Spell Tips:

  • If you can, use a beeswax candle as it’s said that prayers and spells spoken over burning beeswax candles are taken directly to the ears of deities, making them more powerful.

  This spell should NOT ever be used to take the place of advice from a veterinarian or any other animal healthcare professionals nor to delay the seeking or utilization of such health and medical advice.

Pet Healing Spell

 Tools & Ingredients:

  The Spell:

  1. Rub the candle with the olive oil, using your fingers. As you do this, visualize your pet healing and feeling better. If he/she is having surgery, visualize your pet coming safely through it.
  2. Place the candle in a holder or on a fire-safe plate.
  3. Light it and say:

    As I will, so be it.

  4. Allow the candle to burn out undisturbed in a safe location.

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  IMPORTANT: Please do NOT leave burning candles unattended nor children unattended with burning candles. 

Photo: Orna Wachman · Pixabay · license

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