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The following miscellaneous tools are not specifically Pagan tools, per se, but they can be quite useful to keep at hand during spellwork. If you choose to use them, it’s important to use these tools only to work magick and not for general day-to-day use. If you don’t store these tools on your altar, make sure you have any you might need for a spell or ritual at hand before you start working your magick.


CARVING TOOL: A metal or wooden implement for inscribing words and symbols on candles during spellwork. Straight pins are useful for inscribing the smaller candles typically used for working magick, although small metal nails or manicure orangewood sticks can also be used for this purpose. If you want something a bit nicer than a regular pin or manicure stick, a vintage hatpin from a thrift store is ideal for inscribing, as long as you cleanse it of the previous owner’s energy. If you have a boline, it can also be used for carving inscriptions, particularly on larger candles.

Glass Jar with Lavender SprigsGLASS BOTTLES & JARS: These are used to store ingredients, infused waters, essential oil blends, and more. You can either re-purpose glass bottles and jars from other products or purchase them but make sure that they have tight-fitting lids or stopper. For oils of any kind, dark amber or dark blue glass is best. Whatever you choose to use, they will need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to use.

JEWELRY: A piece of jewelry can also used as a magickal tool. For example, it can be charged as an amulet, a charm, or a talisman. Also, if spell calls for you to keep a stone or a piece of metal with you,  jewelry such as a bracelet or a pendant can be more comfortable than carrying a loose piece of it in your pocket or tucked into your bra. Learn more about Jewelry as magickal tools.

KEYS: Vintage or antique keys are sometimes used in spellcrafting as they can help “unlock” hearts, minds, and spiritual doors.

MATCHES / LIGHTER: Wooden matches work well for lighting candles and incense. You may also want to keep long matches if you use pillar candles that are in tall glass jars. Otherwise, a BBQ lighter also works well to light both regular and jarred pillar candles.

Mortar and PestleMORTAR & PESTLE: A mortar is a small bowl and a pestle is a heavy club-shaped implement. They are usually made of a hard material such as metal, stone, or wood. Typically, both the mortar and the pestle will be made of the same material in commercial sets but this isn’t mandatory in spellwork. A pestle is used to crush, grind or powder dried peels, grains, herbs, resins, and other ingredients in the mortar, for use in charms, incenses, infusions, potions, and other spellwork.

PAPER: It’s a good idea to work out spells and rituals before you enter them into your BoS. Try to use old bills and greeting cards for that purpose, as it’s eco-friendly to do so. However, for spells that require the paper as a part of the spell itself, some witches keep pretty sustainably-produced letter-writing stationary at hand.

PEN, PENCILS, & MARKERSYou’ll need some pens, pencils, and/or markers as well as some paper on hand as you will need them during some spellwork and to record in your Book of Shadows.

Scissors and TwineSCISSORS: Used to snip candle wicks and string or yarn as well as to cut paper used for spells. A small inexpensive pair of manicure scissors works well for this purpose, although some witches prefer to keep a candle wick snipper as well as a pair of scissors. It’s a matter of personal preference.

STIRRER: An implement such as a small wooden spoon or a chopstick, useful for stirring ingredients in a spell.

STRING / TWINE / YARN: During spellwork, you may need to tie or wrap something to complete the spell or you may want to perform knot magick. For these purposes, you’ll need some string, twine, and/or yarn. For the best magickal results, use those made from natural materials such as cotton, hemp, jute, sisal, or wool. Usually, any one of them will do although some spells will specifically call for one made of a certain material. Additionally, some spells also require the use of a leather cord.

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