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The Magick Starts Here

  These are spells intended to arouse sexual desires, your own and/or that of someone else. This magick is typically faster-acting so it’s best to work any one of these spells at an appropriate time and place for your desired outcome to take place.

Caviar Aphrodisiac

Do you need a little boost in the passion department? Or perhaps your relationship needs to have its sexual fires rekindled? Caviar is a simple yet very effective aphrodisiac that can help your libido and increase your passion for your sexual…

Red Peppercorn Passion Spell

Red peppercorns, also called berries, are effective for increasing passion in a sexual relationship. If passion between you and your partner has been waning, try this easy spell to literally spice things up.   Tools & Ingredients: 8 red peppercorns…

Sensuality Bath

If you haven't been feeling as interested in sex as you typically are, this bath will help you regain your sensuality and libido. Red roses and the colour red are powerful tools in sexual magick.   Spell Tips: Ideally, you…

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