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Caviar Aphrodisiac Spell

Red Caviar in Bowl on IceDo you personally need a little boost in the passion department? Or perhaps it’s your relationship that needs to have its sexual fires rekindled? This Caviar Aphrodisiac Spells is a very simple yet very effective aphrodisiac that can help your libido and increase your passion for your sexual partner.

This spell calls for red caviar which is known as a powerful ingredient in aphrodisiacs and other passion magick.

  Spell Tips:

  • Aphrodisiac spells are typically fast-acting so it’s best to work one at an appropriate time and place for your desired outcome to take place.
  • Red caviar is most effective for passion spells but if you can’t find it, use black caviar. You’ll still get a good magickal result but it won’t be quite as powerful.

Caviar Aphrodisiac Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • one or more servings of red caviar

  The Spell:

  • Simply eat the caviar shortly before you meet with your partner.
  • If both you and your partner need to revive your passions, eat it together.


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