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Simple Binding Spell

Twine and ScissorsIf someone is causing harm to you or others, this Simple Binding Spell is an effective way to put an end to it. Remember, however, it’s not only important to prevent the harmful person from hurting you and others but also him/herself. This will keep your spell balanced.

Although popularized in the 1990s movie The Craft, this is an actual binding spell that is very effective, especially when the harm is on an emotional or psychic level. Just don’t expect the exaggerated magickal results shown in the movie or you’ll be quite disappointed.

  Spell Tips:

  • This spell calls for a natural string, thread, or twine. While a naturally-coloured one will work well, for an added magickal boost, use a black-coloured one.
  • Major binding spells and rituals are most effective when worked during the dark moon. Obviously, however, it isn’t always possible to wait when someone is causing harm.

Simple Binding Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • a photo of the person being bound – one printed from your computer is fine
  • 2-3′ of natural string, thread, or twine such as cotton, jute, or raffia

  The Spell:

  1. Roll the photo into a tube.
  2. Slowly wrap the string or twine around it until you’ve wrapped it all, while continually repeating:

    I bind you, [person’s name], from harming yourself and others.

  3. Once you’re finished, burn the twine-wrapped photo in a fire pit outside or in a fire-safe dish or sink by an open window. Release the ashes, along with your intentions, to the wind.

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Photo: katerinavulcova · Pixabay · license

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