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Release Pet’s Spirit Ritual

Your pet is a valued family member and may even be your familiar. As such, it can be utterly devastating when your beloved pet passes away. Your pet will be as sad to leave you as your are to have him/her leave. Unfortunately, death is a part of the life cycle and as your pet’s companion in life, it’s important to help him transition to the afterlife. Otherwise, sensing your grief and sorrow, your pet may be too worried about you to properly transition, which is unfair to her. Compassionately releasing your pet’s spirit after his passing will allow him to transition worry-free into the afterlife with your blessing and it will also help you with your own grieving process. It’s important to note that in releasing your pet’s spirit, you aren’t banishing her from your life. Rather, you are releasing him to make the most this phase of his eternal life. This may be the greatest final gift that you give your beloved pet in this life.

This is an important ritual and it calls for several ingredients and tools. A brown candle will represent your pet. If you can, use a beeswax candle as it’s said that prayers and spells spoken over burning beeswax candles are taken directly to the ears of the gods, making them more powerful. Using extra-virgin olive oil to dress your candle will make the transition peaceful for your pet and help you heal. A grey moonstone, jet, or malachite stone will help with the afterlife transition and facilitate your communication with your pet’s spirit. Marjoram provides emotional strength needed for you to work this magick and eases the afterlife transition. Copal or sandalwood incense are effective for both afterlife transitioning and spirit communications. A photo of your pet is optional as it may either help you focus or it may make more difficult for you to do so. Go with whatever works best for you – there’s no right or wrong.

  This ritual takes a bit of time and preparation to perform properly. Therefore, it’s really important to do so when you are not rushed, tired, hungry, taking care of children, or otherwise distracted.

 Tools & Ingredients:

  • a small brown candle
  • a candle-holder or fire-safe dish
  • a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil
  • a grey moonstone, jet or malachite stone
  • marjoram, a few sprigs of fresh or a small handful of dried
  • copal or sandalwood incense
  • a photo of your pet (optional)

  The Ritual:

  1. Gather all of the required tools and ingredients ahead of time.
  2. Take a shower to wash off the day and put on clean, comfortable clothing. Do deep breathing exercises if you’re feeling at all anxious.
  3. Prepare your altar or sacred space for this ritual. You’ll need a small area that is clear of anything else and physically clean.
  4. Place the candle-holder or fire-safe dish in the center of the area.
  5. If you have a photo of your pet, place it on your place it on your altar or sacred space but at a fire-safe distance from the candle.
  6. Place the candle in a holder or on a fire-safe plate.
  7. Light it and say:

    Faithful friend, I love you so.
    The time has come to let you go.
    Faithful friend, so true to me,
    the time has come to set you free.
    Forever you’ll be in my heart.
    Our souls are joined; they’ll never part.
    And so, I set you free, my friend,
    for I know we’ll meet again.
    As I will, so be it.

  8. Allow the candle to burn completely undisturbed in a safe location. Allow it to self-extinguish. Once it has done so, your intentions and your pet’s spirit will be released to the universe.

In loving memory of Milo

May 7, 2007 ~ August 26, 2019

beloved furbaby, friend & familiar

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  IMPORTANT: Please do NOT leave burning candles unattended nor children unattended with burning candles. 

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