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As old as our Earth itself, metals have an abundance of inherent magickal energies but they also hold, amplify and/or conduct other energies as well. The metal or alloy you choose will depend on the magick you are working. In addition to using raw pieces in your magick, you may want to use metals as jewelry, solid wands, and iron cauldrons as wells as wire as a part of a wand, dowsing pendulum, and much more.

Metals are chemical elements that are shiny when polished and also conduct heat and electricity. These elements are mined from ore in the Earth’s crust.

Metals have infinite uses and are chosen based on several factors including brittleness, ductility, hardness, and malleability. Often, metals will be combined to improve their usability.

There are three main types of metals:

FERROUS: These are metals composed primarily of iron, such as cast iron or mild steel. Ferrous metals are magnetic and will also rust.

NON-FERROUS: These are metals are not composed of any iron at all, such as aluminum and copper. They are not magnetic and will not rust.

ALLOYS: These are compositions of two or more metals, such as brass which is composed of copper and zinc.

Lead and mercury were used magickally in the past but due to their known toxicity to humans and animals, they should not be used in witchcraft or any other application. 

Pure Metals

ALUMINUM: Air magick; calming; meditation; protection; soothing; travel; truthfulness. May be used as or in a mirror for scrying as it reflects energies.

COPPER: Abundance; attraction; balance; change; concentration; fertility; financial comfort; focus; friendship; good luck; happiness; harmony; healing; health; love; lust; money; passion; peace of mind; peacefulness; purification; repel negativity; romantic love; self-esteem; spirituality. It is often used in wands as it is excellent for conducting other energies. In magick, it is the most versatile of all metals.

GOLD: Ambition; confidence; financial comfort & success; fortune; generosity; good luck; healing; happiness; honesty; hope; influence; money; opportunity; positive energy attraction; positivity; power; prosperity; protection; strength; success; sun magick; wealth; willpower; wisdom. It is also used to honour and invoke God.

IRON: Attraction; astral projection and travel; change; courage; defense; Earth magick; grounding; hex-breaking; marriage; psychic healing, defense & protection; repelling magick, negativity & spirits. Iron does not hold non-inherent energies and they will naturally dissipate from iron shortly after use. Iron is very effective when used for dowsing.

NICKEL: Attraction; influence; knowledge; repelling; truth; wisdom.

SILVER: Balancing; clairvoyance; clearing; cleansing; divination; dowsing; dreams; emotional healing & growth; grounding; hex-breaking; hope; intuition; lucid dreaming; meditation; moon magick; nurturing; protection; psychic abilities; psychic attack protection; purification; reflection; self-awareness; spirituality; wisdom. It is also used to honour and invoke Goddess as well as to conduct other energies.

TIN: Abundance; desire; good luck; honour; hope; lust; money; passion; prosperity; rejuvenation; sexuality; success; wealth. It also amplifies the magickal properties of other ingredients.

Metal Alloys

Metal alloys have the magickal properties of the metals they are comprised of but these properties are less intense than the same amount of pure metals. If only a small amount of a metal is used in an alloy, its magickal properties will be negligible.

BRASS:  The magickal properties of copper as well as: defensive magick; prosperity; reversal magick; self-confidence; self-discipline; self-esteem; spirit communications; strength; sun magick; wealth. It does not conduct energy as well as pure copper.

BRONZE: The magickal properties of copper as well as: ambition; auditory magick; career; communication; creativity; employment; job; imagination; intuition; resilience. It does not conduct energy as well as pure copper.

ELECTRUM: The magickal properties of gold & silver as well as: marriage; relationship communication; true love. It is also used to honour and invoke Goddess & God together.

PEWTER:  The magickal properties of tin as well as: family; home; home protection;

  NOTE: For more information regarding the mineral composition and physical properties of individual metals, please visit your local library or refer to scientific sites such as

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