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Red Peppercorn Passion Spell

Red Peppercorns in Scoop on TableSexual relationships go through cycles during which passion waxes and wanes. If passion between you and your partner has been waning, try this very easy Red Peppercorn Passion Spell to literally spice things up.

This spell calls for red peppercorns which are very effective for increasing passion in a sexual relationship. These are also called pink peppercorns.

  Spell Tips:

  • Aphrodisiac spells are typically fast-acting so it’s best to work one at an appropriate time and place for your desired outcome to take place.
  • When working this spell, pick through your peppercorns and select the biggest, reddest ones.

Red Peppercorn Passion Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  The Spell:

  1. Before a romantic interlude, place two whole red peppercorns under your pillow and two under your partner’s pillow.
  2. Next, add two whole or ground red peppercorns to your partner’s meal and two whole or ground red peppercorns to your own meal.
  3. Then, enjoy your time together!
  • Note: If you aren’t sharing a meal together, place all of the red peppercorns under the pillow as this will still give both your passion a boost.

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Photo: Handmade Pictures · Adobe Stock · license

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