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Egg Conception Spell

Bird eggs are have long been symbols of fertility as they are a product of reproduction. As such, they are often used in fertility and conception magick. This quick and easy spell can help increase the probability that you’ll conceive. This spell must be performed mindfully and deliberately. To further increase the likelihood of conception, perform this spell during the full moon and/or during Imbolc.

  If you are infertile for whatever reason, this spell will not work. It can only increase the probability of conception, not correct infertility issues. Also, it should never be used to take the place of advice from a physician, midwife, or any other healthcare professionals nor to delay the seeking or utilization of such health and medical advice.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • one raw chicken egg or other bird egg
  • a small bowl
  • a small clean soft natural-fibre cloth

  The Spell:

  1. Place the cloth in the bowl, creating a soft “nest,” representing your uterus’s being ready to carry a child.
  2. Carefully inspect the egg, making certain that it doesn’t have any cracks, as even hairline cracks can cause the egg to spoil quickly.
  3. Gently place the egg in this nest, while picturing yourself conceiving a child.
  4. Place the nest with the egg under your bed, in the center.
  5. Replace the egg if it begins to smell. If you do need to replace the egg, bury the old one in your garden.
  6. Once you have conceived, remove the next from under your bed and bury the egg in your garden.

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Photo: Maya Kruchancova · Adobe Stock · license

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