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Bread Home Protection Spell

No matter where you live in or what type of housing you live in, your home is your sanctuary. As such, it’s important to keep it protected  This simple but effective spell uses a loaf of freshly baked bread made with wheat flour, which will not only attract abundance but also has protective properties. To make your spell even more powerful, bake your own bread using your favourite recipe.

As this is a popular spell to work during Lughnasadh, if you don’t already have a favourite recipe, try this Lughnasadh Wheat Bread recipe.

 Tools & Ingredients:

  • a loaf of fresh wheat bread

  The Spell:

  1. Using your hands, break the bread into four roughly equal-sized pieces.
  2. Place one of the four pieces at each corner of the property your home sits on.
  3. As you place each piece of bread, say:

    I call on the spirits
    of north, south, east, and west
    to protect my home,
    and keep it blessed.

  4. Nature spirits and nature itself, in the form of animals, birds, and weather, will carry your intentions to the universe.

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