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Pinecone Home Protection Spell

Your home is your personal sanctuary so magickally protecting it is every bit as important as physically doing so. Fortunately, spells to protect your home don’t need to be elaborate to work. This spell is quick and powerful as pinecones are very effective in home protection magick. Best of all, they’re so abundant that you should be able to easily find some almost anywhere such as your neighbourhood park or even your own backyard.

  This spell calls for one pinecone of any size for each window in your home and two pinecones for each exterior door so be certain that you have enough gathered up before you begin.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • several pinecones (1 per window & 2 per exterior door of your home)
  • a basket or bowl to hold the pinecones

  The Spell:

  1. You can work this spell either inside or outside your home. Do whichever will work best for you.
  2. Starting at your front door, place one pinecone on the floor or ground on each side of the door.
  3. Working clockwise, continue by placing one pinecone on each windowsill. If you don’t have a windowsill, place the pinecone on the floor or ground, centered in front of the window. At exterior doors, take two pinecones and place one on the floor or ground on each side of the door.
  4. Continue until you work your way back around to your front door.

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