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Crystals and stones need to be cleansed before use. They also need to be cleansed after being used in spellwork once the spell is completed. Cleansing a stone is not the same thing as charging it. Cleansing removes non-inherent energies from a stone, whereas charging adds non-inherent to the stone during spellwork.

In addition, crystals and stones may also need to be physically cleaned of dust, soil, skin oils, etc.

While there are many different yet effective methods that may be used to either clean or cleanse your crystals and stones, each method will not necessarily be appropriate for every single type of stone or crystal. You may prefer to use one single method always or a variety of methods, depending on the stones or crystals you are cleansing.

Your stones and crystals should be cleansed when you feel a decrease in energy in the stone and cleaned if they are dirty or start to feel sticky or tacky from skin oils due to handling. If used in a spellwork, they should be cleansed once the spell has been activated, unless otherwise specified such as a spell for creating a crystal amulet. Regardless, once they are properly cleansed, stones and crystals always return to their intrinsic energy state and are ready to use.

Metaphysical Cleansing

  These methods are considered to be generally safe for metaphysically cleansing your stones and crystals as there’s little, if anything, that can go wrong using these methods. When in doubt about cleansing a particular crystal or stone, especially with those that may easily fall apart or otherwise be damaged, always choose a safe method.

  • Leave them in moonlight for overnight; up to 3 days if the moon isn’t full.
  • Place on a glass or other non-metallic dish with clear quartz or selenite and leave overnight.
  • Place on a selenite charging plate and leave overnight.
  • Smudge with white sage or a purifying resin incense such as copal, frankincense, or myrrh for a few minutes.

  These metaphysical cleansing methods should only be used if physically safe for your stones and crystals because salt, water, sunlight, and burying may damage them. Proceed with these methods only if you are certain that they will not damage your crystals or stones.

  • Bury in a small dish of sea salt. Discard the salt afterwards.
  • Bury in your garden for 24 hours. Physically clean your stones and crystals afterwards.
  • Bury in a small dish of soil or sand 3 days. Physically clean your stones and crystals afterwards.
  • Leave them in full sunlight for several hours; a little longer in the winter sun.
  • Hold a running stream for several minutes.
  • Immerse in a bowl of natural spring water for several hours.
  • Hold ocean waves for several minutes.
  • Immerse in a bowl of seawater or salted water for 1 hour.

Physical Cleaning

These methods are for physically cleaning stones and crystals of dust, soil, skin oils, etc..

  Use a small soft clean paint or makeup brush to gently remove loose dirt and soil from your stones and crystals. Keep this brush for this purpose only.

  Rinse under pure spring water and pat dry with a clean soft cotton cloth. Keep this cloth for this purpose only. Proceed only if you are certain that water will not damage your stone.

  IMPORTANT: Some crystals and stones are more delicate than others and require special care. When in doubt about the metaphysical or physical cleaning of your stones and crystals, please inquire at the time of your purchase and/or consult a reputable jeweller, the International Gem Society, a book by an expert, or another reliable source. With proper care, your stones and crystals should last you a lifetime.

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