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Break a Stubborn Love Spell

Once cast, spells can be very difficult to break so it’s better to be certain you want to cast prior to doing so, rather than trying to undo one afterwards. However, some spells are more resistant to breaking than others so if you’ve performed a love spell but now must break it or if someone else has cast one on you against your will and Break a Love Spell didn’t work well for you, this spell can help break a stubborn love spell.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • a whole coconut
  • a pair of protective goggles or glasses
  • a hammer (optional)

  The Spell:

  • Break the coconut by either throwing it against something hard such as a big rock or a brick wall or by hitting it with a hammer while picturing the spell breaking.

  IMPORTANT: Always wear protective eye-wear when performing this spell to avoid potential eye injury.

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