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Break a Love Spell

Once cast, any spell can be very difficult to break and it can be harder to break a love spell than most others. So, it’s better to be certain that you really want to cast a love spell before doing so, rather than trying to break it afterward.  However, if you’ve already worked a love spell that you now must break or if someone else has cast one on you against your will, you can break it with this spell.

  Spell Tips:

  • Some love spells are much more resistant to breaking than others so if this spell doesn’t work, you might want to try Break a Stubborn Love Spell.

Break a Love Spell

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • several ounces of coconut water

  The Spell:

  • Simply drink the coconut water while visualizing the spell breaking using whatever imagery works best for you. For example, effective spell-breaking imagery can be picturing yourself either the ripping of paper with the spell was written on it or breaking of the bowl with spell ingredients in it.

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