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Magickal Confidence Affirmation Spell

All witches will have doubts about their magickal abilities at some point, especially after experiencing a few spell failures. This simple yet very effective affirmation spell will help increase your magickal confidence in no time!

  Spell Tips:

  • Embellish your affirmation with coloured pencils, markers, and stickers to put more of your magick into it.
  • Writing out your affirmation in a notebook or journal daily will give you a further magickal boost.
  • If you need to remind yourself to work your affirmation spell, set a daily timer on your smartphone for time that is convenient for you, such as before a morning shower or bedtime.


  Tools & Ingredients:

  • pen, pencils, and/or markers
  • post-it notes or paper & tape
  • a notebook or journal (optional)

  The Spell:

  1. Write the following affirmation on a post-it note or a piece of paper:

    I am magickal.
    I am powerful.
    I am enough.

  2. Stick or tape it in a location where you’ll be certain to see it at least once a day, such as your bedroom or bathroom mirror.
  3. Repeat your affirmation at least once per day. However, the more you repeat it, the more you release your intentions into the universe.
  4. Optionally, if you keep a journal, write out your affirmation in it as well.

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