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Quick Home & Workspace Clearing Spell

If you feel a bit of negative energy in your home, this quick and easy spell can dispel it for you. It’s also a reliable spell to rid your home of the various energies of previous inhabitants. Plus, it’s also effective for employment workspaces, especially as it’s fairly inconspicuous.

For this spell, you only need one ingredient: sea salt, which is one of magick’s most potent purifiers. For an added magickal boost, use fleur de sel, instead of regular sea salt.

Once your spell is complete, if your results aren’t as effective as you’d expected, repeat the spell using Witch’s Black Salt. It is the most potent salt for this purpose. Otherwise, the Lemon Room & Workspace Clearing Spell is more powerful as it has the added purification of fresh lemon.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  The Spell:

  • Sprinkle a bit of salt in the corners of the affected room or space.
  • In the case of your entire home, sprinkle the salt in the corners of each and every room.

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