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Gnocchi Money Spell

Gnocchi is an Italian pasta or tiny dumpling that is typically made from potatoes. It’s primary magickal property is the attraction of money. This spell should be performed during the new moon.

If you’ve never eaten gnocchi, it is typically served with a plain red or meat pasta sauce but can also be served with a white sauce. It can be found at most grocers in the pasta aisle. If you enjoy cooking, however, make the gnocchi from scratch. This will make the pasta even more magickally powerful.

Baking, cooking or otherwise preparing food for magickal purposes is recipe magick. This magick as no less potent than any other spellwork. As such, prepare this recipe mindfully, thinking of your magickal intentions  during each and every step.

 Tools & Ingredients:

  • a package of gnocchi
  • a sauce of your choice
  • non-iodized salt

  The Spell:

  1. Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water in a large saucepan, according to package instructions.
  2. Set your dining table with extra care, making sure everything you need to enjoy your meal such as a drink, salt & pepper, grated Parmesan or Romano cheese, some bread, butter, appropriate cutlery, napkins and a placemat or tablecloth.
  3. Once it’s cooked, drain it and serve yourself the gnocchi as your would normally serve yourself a plate of pasta.
  4. Before eating, place some coins and/or bills of any denomination under your plate and leave it there while you enjoy your gnocchi .
  5. Once your meal is over, place the money in your wallet but don’t spend it. It will attract money until the next new moon, at which time you can repeat the spell.

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