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Some witches use a magick mirror. It is for scrying, a form of divination, which can help guide you when you are writing a spell or otherwise planning to work magick. The witch mirror’s glass typically reflects black as that makes it easier to scry without distraction but it isn’t mandatory as you can do so in any mirror.

Although you can purchase magick mirrors at your local metaphysical shop, it’s easy enough to make your own. Simply buy a new or vintage small photo frame that you like or use one you already own. An  8″ x 10″ photo frame is a good size. It can be ornate or plain or somewhere in between. It’s a matter of personal preference as there’s no right or wrong.  If you want to stand your witch mirror on your altar and it doesn’t have a built-in stand on the back, a table-top easel can be used to support it.

    Tools & Items Needed:

  • a photo frame
  • black paint
  • a small paint roller with a tray if you are not using spray paint
  • painters tape, if you can’t remove the mirror/glass from the frame

  How To:

  1. Smudge the mirror with white sage to remove any non-inherent energies.
  2. Carefully remove the glass from the frame. If you can’t safely remove the mirror or glass, tape the frame up very well to prevent paint over-spray.
  3. Paint the back of the photo frame glass with the black paint and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  4. Once completely dry, put the blackened glass back into the frame or remove the painters tape.
  5. To consecrate your new mirror and remove any remaining non-innate energies, thoroughly clean the mirror with Salted Water and a clean cloth. Then, wipe it dry with another clean cloth.

Photos: 1) Alles · Pixabay · license 2) George Hodan · PublicDomainPictures · CC0 1.0 · edited/ amalgamated

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