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If a spell hasn’t yielded the results you’d hoped for, you could repeat it with this potent spell enhancer. Beeswax simply but efficiently merges different energies, making them work together more effectively to improve your magickal outcome.

Bear in mind that in magick, more isn’t necessarily better. In actuality, you should only use as much magick as is needed for a particular spell or intention and no more. As such, this enhancement should be used only if necessary and not every single time you do spellwork.

Tools & Ingredients:

  The Enhancement:

  1. When you’re preparing for your spellwork, add the beeswax sheet and your carving tool to the other tools you’ve assembled for the spell.
  2. Begin your spell as you normally would but before you’ve finished, carve your intentions in words and symbols onto the wax sheet.
  3. Then, crumple the wax sheet into a loose ball and set it aside.
  4. Finish your original spell as intended.
  5. Afterwards, bury the wax ball in your garden or carefully drop it into a wood fire.

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