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Make It Rain Spell

If it hasn’t rained in your area recently and it’s affecting neighborhood plants and wildlife, this spell can help bring about rain or, or if it has not rained enough, it can help increase the amount of rain that is falling.

  Tools & Ingredients:

  • none

  The Spell:

  1. Take a shower to wash off the day and then take a pre-ritual cleansing bath.
  2. Stand outside and with complete focus, say:

    Mother, Goddess, please take heed.
    The weather’s dry but must not be.
    Plants and creatures are slowly dying
    when they should be fully thriving.
    Please send rain for several hours
    to help the earth restore her powers.
    Mother, Goddess, hear my plea!
    As I ask, so mote it be.

  3. It should start raining sometime the same day but if not, repeat again the following day.

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